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About Tapatia Supermarket

Tapatía Supermarket

Tapatia Supermarket was born in 2005 under the vision of its founders who are characterized by their hard work and dedication in the food industry. These traits, passed down for many years, are the DNA of our workforce. When you join our company, you will learn how to become a hard worker and how to make an impact in the retail industry. In addition, our associates are distinguished from employees by our competitors because our company provides unprecedented stability, training, recognition and opportunities inimitable. As a family of businesses operating several companies, Tapatia Supermarket is one of our proud brands due to the unique workforce.

Además, nuestros asociados se distinguen de los empleados por nuestros competidores porque nuestra empresa brinda estabilidad, capacitación, reconocimiento y oportunidades sin precedentes inimitables. Como familia de negocios que operan varias empresas, Tapatía Supermarket es una de nuestras marcas de orgullo debido a la fuerza laboral única.

Our Culture

With humbleness we attempt to be the best employer in our industry by incorporating important values to our operation. These values are developed by all our employees and have been part of our success. By joining our family, you will embrace our core values as part of your career development and professional growth.

Core Values


(in the workplace) Is the self-directed guidance we expect from all team members by observing their responsibilities and being aware of the opportunities to collaborate with the group’s intention, which in many cases, is not always spelled out in his or her responsibilities but are necessary for the success of each member of our team.


Is acting preventively rather than reacting to an instruction or other external motives. Our proactive mindset is characterized by taking responsibility for something to happen, taking appropriate measures to increase the success of our vision, and benefiting the team.

Proactive self-management

Combines both values and acts as a reminder for our team members to evaluate what they can handle within the organization as a first reaction. We have instituted this approach throughout our family of businesses that being proactive and self-managing, prevents detrimental issues for all team members and limits unwelcome work habits.


It is being responsible for ensuring the professional development and safety of all team members. While this is usually expected from a supervisor, any member of our team can and should take empowerment actions inspiring good actions and the growth of their co-workers.

Sense of Belonging

Is the feeling of being part of a society and the meaning that entails. A community is united by the values they share. Thus, we have created a unique company that welcomes and cares about each member of our team; and therefore, we strive every day to develop and sustain a culture of ambassadors of our values willing to share and teach others our culture.